Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Taylor's jumper: FINISHED! :)

Friday was a long night of knitting and I half-watched the Dodger game, actually watched one movie, and other than noticing that young Diane Lane looks a lot like Julia Stiles, I didn't really watch the second movie because I was so close to being done! I finally stitched my last stich (attaching the pockets to the front) at 2:30 Saturday morning and collapsed into bed after feeling just a little sorry for myself that no one was awake for me to call and celebrate with! (Wes was busy handling a DUI/crash scene and getting bit by the K9 at the time). But now, after a weekend of celebrating (our country, not just my knitting accomplishment!) here are some pictures of my first official FINISHED project other than a scarf. Hurray!

a closer look at some details ...

The right shoulder has a button to close so you don't have to pull the dress over baby's head. also, you can't see them in the picture, but I put two buttons on each side on the back so that as Taylor grows, the jumper will get a little bigger too. The woman who designed this original pattern suggested this can go from a dress/jumper to a tunic to wear over pants as well as baby gets bigger. I think it will be cute either way and hope Kristina will send pictures for me to post!

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