Tuesday, July 25, 2006


I am going to have a lot of down time this week. Work has been crazy, but is finally slowing down. Wes left this morning to drive to Tahoe (8 hours all by himself! poor guy) for Matt's bachelor party before the wedding on Friday and I have the next two nights to myself. Then, starting Thursday, the free time really kicks in. I have an hour-long shuttle ride to the airport that morning, then sitting in the airport and an hour-and-a-half plane ride. Then once I get to Tahoe, I will have time to myself while my in-the-wedding-party-husband is off doing groomsmen things (drinking heavily? I don't know what else). I won't be knitting at the wedding, of course, but Saturday morning we have a three-hour drive to Oakland (to watch the A's vs. Toronto and seeing as how the Angels are poised to take over first place from the A's this week, and Wes has two Blue Jays on his fantasy team, we will definitely be cheering for a Canadian team! that will be weird!). Sunday we have at least five or six hours in the car back to Ventura from Oakland, so there is plenty of knitting time ahead of me.
My problem is that I don't know what to knit. My x-back tank is still on hold until the shipment of yarn arrives and I am not feeling confident enough in the lace pattern to start on the body of the wrap sweater.
With all the moving around that will come from airport waiting and plane boarding and driving and everything else, I don't' want to start in on something with a lot of pattern. However, I will have a few good chunks of time where I can sit and relax with a pattern. And despite all the things I want to make for me, I have a few ideas for other people that I should start on if I want to give lots of knitted Christmas presents. I am planning to spend my lunch break at Anacapa Fine Yarns, so I have two hours to decide what to make next, plus a stack of work to finish that I am getting paid to do ...

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