Saturday, February 07, 2009

how the blanket came to be

A few months ago, Grandma mentioned that she was ready for a new project and may want to pick up knitting again. I had seen this blanket pattern on Knit & Tonic, and suggested it to her since it was pretty simple knitting for the body of the blanket and then crochet edging. However, it had been so long since Grandma picked up knitting needles that even the simple decreases to create the "seam" up the middle of each square seemed difficult, however, the triple crochet edging (foreign to me!) sounded interesting, so I said that I would work on the body of the blanket (I cast on 10 extra stitches per square and also used size 8 needles to make this a little larger for a non-premie baby) and then pass it along to Grandma to finish the edging. I decided I would keep this blanket for myself to use whenever I have babies someday ... I liked the idea of having something that Grandma and I worked on together. Even though she helped me talk me through through lots of difficult patterns and stitches, I don't have anything that both she and I stiched on together.
Sadly, Grandma started failing before I could get my part completed. I don't know how to crochet more than the most basic of beginning steps and I don't feel right asking someone else to complete it for me, so the blanket will remain as it is now. And in July, Wes and I will welcome our firstborn home in this blanket and know that Grandma is loving her greatgrandbaby from heaven.