Friday, July 07, 2006

flashback to first knitted object

Mom and Dad are traveling in Colorado right now and sent this picture. I made the scarf as a birthday gift for mom in 2004. A scarf is a good gift for a December birthday, but I'm not sure how comforatable she was wearing it in July! Thanks for the picture for my record though, Mom! :)It is a garter stitch scarf (that's why you can see the lines on the backside from adding in the white ... I hadn't learned to purl yet) made out fo Lion's Brand Yarn, the boucle in rose and cream. This was also made before I discovered that yarn is sold not just at Michael's.
Prior to making this scarf, my only venture into knitting was in fourth grade when we read a story in class about knitting and our teacher organized a lunchtime knitting group. Grandma came in to help, along with other moms and grandmas. I made a little garter stitch square and didn't pick up needles again for 15 years.

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