Tuesday, July 11, 2006

seed stitch is a bee-yotch!

had time for knitting last night while Wes was working an OT shift and got a couple good hours in between devouring a box of Kraft Macaroni & Cheese (some days nothing else will do). Also sat upstairs and knitted for almost an hour this afternoon on my lunch break and I am not noticing too much progress. I blame this on the fact that seed stitch takes longer than stockinette or garter stitch due to the yarn having to switch sides after each stitch (knit, pass yarn, purl, pass yarn, knit, pass yarn, purl ... etc etc etc). I also blame my slow progress on this job I have to be at for eight hours a day. While I can get away with blogging some days, I think they would notice if I busted out my needles and this bright red yarn. Notice my sad knitting bag sitting among a mess of papers and inter-office mailers on my desk ...
I wouldn't be as anxious about finishing this top, but I am trying to be good about only having one project going at a time. I know this is a little unheard of (my new favorite pattern designer has a list of items - FOUR - she currently has "on the needles" on her blog and I don't know if I could handle that many. I wouldn't know what to work on first). However, just this morning I discovered thegarterbelt.com and fell in love with just about all of Wendy Bernard's patterns. (she of the aforementioned "new favorite pattern designer" with multiple projects going at once.) So now I am anxious to get knitting and knitting some more! I am hoping to find cute things to knit for Christmas presents. I know Mom likes homemade gifts ... I hope other people like them too!

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