Monday, July 10, 2006


after a little bit of knitting on Thursday, I didn't any knitting done this weekend - was just a tiny bit distracted on Friday and Sunday. (yes, I saw it twice! and on Friday Heather got us gold teeth caps to wear! aren't we sexy!!) Thought about bringing the knitting to the theater Sunday since we had to wait in line for a while to get good seats, but figured we wouldn't really be able to sit down and relax (I was right), so had to spend the hour talking to and kissing my darling husband (a real hardship!).
It was kind of nice to have a weekend without knitting ... after the franticness of the last week or so finishing up Taylor's jumper, I was glad to just chill out and focus on something new. I am now anxious to get back to it and finish up my cute x-back tank. Wonder if I can finish it in time to wear in San Diego this weekend? I won't be knitting in the car on Saturday ... Wes gets off at 6am that morning so if we want to leave at a decent hour and stop for lunch with Grandma in HB, I'll have to drive so he can sleep.

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