Monday, July 31, 2006

On the road again ...

I took a long lunch on Wednesday and headed over to AFY for some help with this screwy cable pattern. Lois was, of course, great help and figured out that the pattern was instructing me to P where I should K and K where I should P on one of the cable passes. I sat at the work table and did a few rows with her changes to make sure everything was lining up and I could have stayed there all afternoon! I certainly didn't want to leave to get back to work, but it was crazy busy on Wednesday since I knew I would be out the rest of the week, so I headed back with my corrected pattern to finish up the work day. On the plane Thursday I knitted a few more rows to complete the pattern and make sure everything was fine ... then I ripped it all out to start over. My traveling companion (Lissa's boyfriend Matt) was quite chatty, so I paid more attention to him than to the pattern and didn't get too much more done. Thursday night was the rehersal dinner and on Friday all the guys got up early to mow the meadow where the wedding was to take place (nothing like those last minute jobs!) so I sat on the back porch of our Lake Tahoe cabin in the woods and knitted for about an hour on the new, mistake-free project. I was almost disappinted when Wes called to say they were on their way back and had plans to go to the beach for the rest of the morning!
(picture below: Luke - groomsman, Matt - groom, Andrew - Matt's brother/best man, Wes - groomsman. in front: Coyt - Luke's son and the ring bearer - outside our cabin in the woods above Lake Tahoe)
But the lake was beautiful and it was nice for all the guys to hang out with Matt and help him relax before getting hitched. We had a three-hour drive from Tahoe to Oakland on Saturday, but it was too early in the morning and a little too hungover to be doing anything but looking at the road ahead, so no knitting on that leg of the journey.
(picture below: Wes and I at the A's game on Saturday)

But on Sunday I knit for a majority of our trip home. I got a couple more passes of the 12-row pattern done and it is looking great so far! I am really happy with the way it is going, and I love the cable pattern. It keeps me interested as it is more challenging than just switching back and forth between knitting and purling. I have big plans for ths pattern ...

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