Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Treasure Hunt

I bet if you really wanted to, you could figure out what project I am working on ...
anyway, Wes is back on the day shift now (yay! we are a real family again!) so my nighttime knitting is limited, but I love taking a knitting break in the middle of the work day. It is a good way to chill out for an hour. Today and yesterday have been good lunchtime knitting days, and I had a little bit of time while watching the Angels game last night, but cables take longer than straight knitting so it is taking a while. I have finished four of nine 12-row pattern repeats though, so I am almost halfway done. whoo! I'm planning to make a couple of these little projects, but I got a call from AFY while I was in Tahoe saying that my extra red ribbon yarn shipment arrived, so I need to run by there and pick up some more balls so I can finish off that project too, but between knitting at lunch and running after work (starting to train hard for the Nike Run Hit Remix in September!) I haven't had time to get there. I am not in a hurry though, these cables are keeping me occupied for now!

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