Wednesday, August 16, 2006

when Wes is away ... Katie will knit!

so Wes was gone a couple nights this week in Fresno for some additional training. So I got caught up on my TiVoed shows and also did some crazy amounts of knitting. Monday night I got caught up on Grey's Anatomy and finished all the pattern rows for the blue project before I wanted to pass out (also ran 3 miles at recovery pace with Tia that evening before coming home to cook dinner for Wes before he took off). Last night I didn't run (I had done some strength training before work that morning), so I came home and enjoyed back-to-back episodes of House that I had missed at the end of the season (what is it with me and hospital shows all of a sudden? I never really watched ER ...) and finished knitting the blue project (still have to felt it) and started sewing beads on mom's pink shell. It takes a long time to sew those little beads on the big piece of knitted material. I am less than half-way done ... but I will get it done by next week! If we can go to Seattle (trying SO hard to make it work) I want to bring it to give to mom then. Tonight I have a hard workout planned and then Wes is coming home from Fresno and is cooking dinner, which means I have to do dishes, so might not have time for more sewing, but tomorrow at lunch I will continue working on the x-back tank. I am ready for new projects!! Maybe this ... or this or a cardigan I like in here ... I can't decide! :) but I am leaning more towards things I can wear in colder weather. I figure my tiny lacy wrap will be done by next spring if I work on it a little at a time! I am not going to try and finish it while the weather is still balmy this year!! I will just make myself crazy.

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