Friday, August 18, 2006

you know what I hate?

when I just finished lunch but I am still hungry ... what's up with that?

anyway, on my way to do some car knitting since I remembered to bring my other tools today. It's Friday, no one is in the office ... zzzzz ... need to get away from my desk before I pass out. Will have lots of work to do when I return to get me through to 5pm since I now place all the ads on the editorial pages (new responsibilities!).

p.s. just spent a whole paycheck on two tickets to Seattle for next weekend! can't wait to see Luke (haven't seen him since Thanksgiving) and Kristen (ditto, even though she has been in cali all summer. whatever.) and mom and dad (when did they leave on the journey across america? May? It was after the Ducks game, that's all i remember). and maybe Grandpa too! And we're going to a Mariner's game! whoohoo! so now I have to finish mom's pink shell and have to find a new project to bring on the plane since we got tickets sooo late and there is no way there will be two seats together for Wes and I

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