Saturday, March 27, 2010

Great Race of Agoura 10k

My #1 fan after the Old Agoura 10k! It felt so great to race again ... my last "race" was the 2009 Surf City Half in which I was 14 weeks pregnant so didn't really give it my all. I've been running a lot and was hoping to come somewhere close to my pre-baby PR which I had in my head as 50 minutes. Then I looked it up and realized it was way faster than that ... but I stuck with my 50 minute goal for the 6.2 mile, incredibly hilly and challenging course.

I started out too fast and sort of fizzled in the fifth mile but still finished strong with a time of 52:32 and eighth in my age group out of 170 women! I loved seeing Leila and Wes cheering for me at the finish line. Such a great push for the last 100 yards. Now I'm on the lookout for a FLAT 10k to do soon and try to get under 50 minutes!

My sister-in-law, Whitney, completed her first half marathon today too! way to go, Whit!!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

training for the Great Race

I'm so excited for my first post-baby 10k next week! The Great Race of Agoura is a super hilly course so this weekend while visiting Mom & Dad I took the opportunity to run some hill repeats at Central Park where our conference championship races were held in high school. It's always fun to run on familiar paths. Dad pushed Leila in the stroller while I was running and took these pictures from the top of the hill.

Friday, March 05, 2010

baby sling

after lunch and crawling around on the grass yesterday, Maddie wanted to feed the ducks so we walked the kids over to the pond. I didn't get Leila's stroller out when we first arrived and after carrying her around the pond for a while I was again reminded of how big she is getting! I am also reminded when I am shopping places that don't have carts and are too small for my big stroller. A few weeks ago I came across this tutorial and today I decided was the time to use it! 

I didn't take pictures of the process (the linked tutorial has great photos of each step), but here is the finished sling with Leila riding high in it!
(she looks grumpy because right after her nap I just stuck her in the sling to see how it fit and I haven't fed her yet ... the bunny ears are to show "look ma, no hands!")

It's a little challenging to get her into the sling, but once she's in it's very comfortable and she seems to like it, despite the look on her face here. I guess the real test will be an afternoon of errands!

Thursday, March 04, 2010

baby park date

today it was such a beautiful day!! Leila and I met my friend Melissa and her kids, Maddie and Hudson, for a picnic in the park. Hudson is Leila's "boyfriend" and they had a wonderful time playing together outside.