Thursday, August 17, 2006

short lunch (and Christmas is coming!)

big plans to knit on the x-back tank at lunch today ... I even drove away from the office and parked by the beach to truly enjoy myself ... however, I didn't read ahead in the pattern while packing up my stuff last night and didn't realize that I would need a cable needle and stitch holders to work on the third row in on the work I planned to do today, and those tools got left at home. So I knit two rows and turned around and came back. But I did read through the rest of the pattern while I was still in the path of ocean breezes and realized that I am just about done with this thing. I have already bound off most of the back (saving just 12 or so stitches live which I will pick back up for the straps, you can see them in that picture on the holder) and the next row in my pattern is where I will split the front to form the v-neck. The rest of the pattern will require me to pay attention at each row to make sure I am getting all the decreases for shaping in the right place, but there isn't a lot of actual knitting left to do.
So now I really am looking ahead to my next projects. If anyone wants knitted Christmas presents, I would like to start on those ASAP. Feel free to browse the links on the right for patterns and let me know if you see anything you like ... also, here are a couple of patterns I would enjoy making if someone would wear them:
  • Ballet Camisole - I love knitting in the round and would like to try the gathered bust
  • Blossom (for a kid) - almost as cute as Taylor's jumper and things for kids go faster than things for grownups. but I don't know too many kids I want to knit for, so maybe not.
  • Fetching - I loved making cables on my blue project, plus these look easier than gloves (not brave enough to try that yet!) but still cute
  • Mariah - more cables! and I love hoodies. I will probably make this for myself sometime soon ... but it looks hard!
anyway, remember I can always switch out colors and usually switch out yarn too. If I am going to put in lots of effort knitting something, I want it to be worn! So let me know if anything looks like it would make a good Christmas present :) p.s. Mom - if I make it to Seattle, you aren't getting a Christmas present, but you do have a birthday to plan for too, so I might be able to squeeze you in :)

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