Wednesday, July 05, 2006

on to the next project!

Friday night before I settled in for the marathon baby jumper, I did finish off the roll collar on the pink sweater, so technically, I have TWO first ever project finished at the same time. How exiting! Mom decided she wants beads, so I have to go by the bead store still ... then I'll send it off to where ever they are (currently Colorado) and have her send in a picture. Until then, the big head will have to do!

With my two projects finished and nothing on the needles, I felt a little lost. Luckily, I had prepared for this and after a long run with Tia on Saturday morning (felt real great since I went to bed after 3am ...) I stopped by Anacapa Fine Yarns with a new pattern in hand to pick out yarn. I decided after making things for other people, it was about time to make something for myself. Something totally impractical that I could never wear to work, but something that will knit up fast and look cute. This sweater is knit out of ribbon yarn on huge needles. It is also knit in the round which means that from the bottom up to the arm and neck shaping, I can just knit and knit without really paying much attention, as I did on Sunday night. Between the movies and Wes watching World Cup, I got a lot of the thing done this weekend! (I have blisters on two of my fingers from the weekend of knitting.) Funny, because we were quite social and went to the beach a lot this weekend too. I guess I need a four-day weekend every week! (I wish.) Anyway, I chose this bright red/pink Deco-Ribbon from Crystal Palace and so far I am really pleased with it. I love the way seed stitch looks with this yarn, and it won't be too hot to wear for the rest of the summer. I am planning to make the body of this top a little longer than the pattern calls for, mostly because my torso is longer than the XS girl who designed this pattern, and also because longer tops are in style now (mom wonders why this wasn't the case when I was 16 ...) so I have about seven inches done and need to add at least that many before I start the shaping. Unfortunately I can't keep going at my previous pace (have this annoying thing called a job), but I should still get this finished in a week or so ... especially because Wes is working all weekend and we can't go see Pirates until Sunday, I will be drowning my sorrows in my new cute x-back tank top.

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