Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Dilemma solved! and more good news!

I figured out what new project to work on this weekend through all the traveling ... I decided to get started on little things I can give as Christmas presents. I guess that means it's a surprise ... what I can say is that I bought two skiens of Cascade 220 on my lunch break, and a cable needle! I am a little nervous about the cable stitches, since I have never made anything with cables before, but I am really excited to learn! I love cable-knit things. Even though it is cloudy outside it is still 80 degrees!! but I am going to knit wool cables anyway. Luckily, what I am making is small, so I won't get buried under the hotness. I think I am going to like this project though, the two skiens and new needle all together added up to be the least amount of money I have ever spent at Anacapa Fine Yarns! whoo! Wes would be happy about that. Too bad he is nearing Sacramento right about now, so I won't get any congratulatory kisses. boo. anyway ...
Lois gave me a quick cable stitching tutorial at the check-out counter, so I hope I can figure it out when I get home tonight and try it myself. If I can't, I'll have to spend tomorrow's lunch break at AFY too! Lois did say that my red ribbon yarn could arrive as early as this afternoon! So I might need to stop by tomorrow anyway. I have also decided to exchange the green tiny yarn I bought last weekend for the lacy wrap sweater and get the turquoise used in the example. There wasn't enough of that color when I went by AFY to get the yarn, so I chose another color that there was more of ... but after working on my swatch in that color, I don't like it nearly as much as I thought I would. And for something that is going to take me that much time, I better like it!! The good news is, Lois said she could probably find another ball or two of that dye lot from another local store, so I can exchange that yarn soon too! Too bad the weather is so hot, otherwise everything would be going my way for knitting tons and tons of projects.

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