Friday, June 30, 2006

change of plans, of course!

soooo ... last night I was all ready to work out with Tia, then go home and relax with some last minute finishing to Taylor's jumper. then around 3pm Tia called when she got off work and said that she has to go to her boyfriend's sisters daughter's 8th grade promotion party and can we work out tomorrow? I said of course since Wes works Friday night too and every night that Wes works is the same to me. So, with a whole Thursday night in front of me (the first one since Tia and I started running together three months ago) I chose to go to knitting group! And since I would be in the presence of Lois, my first garment class teacher, I thought I had better work on the garment she taught me to make that still isn't finished!
The group was a lot larger than I expected and I just sat quietly and knitted my little heart out on the collar of the pink sweater. It took a long time to pick up all 97 stitches from around the neckline, and the needles are so small I couldn't go too fast, but I got most of it done. I have one or two more rows to go before the bind off, then just have to crochet the arm holes. I think I will go in on Monday to learn that since I have the day off and Tuesday (the regular help day) is a holiday!!
so I guess TONIGHT is my night to finish Taylor's jumper as well as the collar on the pink sweater. Mom said she wants beads on it, so I'll be visiting the bead store around the corner from the yarn shop on Monday too, it looks like!!

Then it is on to my next project! I found one I wanted to make in another Classic Elite Yarns pattern book, but Lois doesnt' carry the yarn used in the book, so she didn't have the pattern either. I can either look for it at another store, or try and find a similar pattern, which I have been trying to do. I did look through lots of pattern books last night at AFY and found a few new ideas for projects. I won't be long without something on my needles!! and knowing me, I probably won't get as much done tonight as I hoped anyway!

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