Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Knitting for: baby Taylor Raye

My dear friend Kristina and her husband Andy recently adopted a beautiful baby girl named Taylor Raye!!! Since I am the type of knitter who enjoys the finished product and getting to that finished product quickly, knitting for babies appeals to me. I am about a week into knitting my own version of this adorable baby jumper and am more than halfway done, despite the thin yarn and size six needles. Taylor was born on May 12 and I am trying to have this ready to arrive by her two-month birthday. Tonight we are driving down to LA for the Dodgers game, so I will have lots of time to knit while we are sitting in traffic! I have been able to knit a lot lately because Wes has parked his butt in front of the big screen watching World Cup ... I like sitting with him, so I use the time to knit or else I would go crazy with six hours of soccer in a row!!
Even though I am making good progress, Taylor won't be able to wear it for a while (I am making the six-month-old size), which is fine because they live in Arizona and no one needs to wear a knitted pinafore in Arizona in the middle of July. No matter how cute it is! I chose to make the colors a little less loud than in the sample. I kept the bottom green, but the main body of the jumper is robin's egg blue. The pockets are of the same blue with green stems and bright pink petals on the flowers. I can't wait to see it finished.
I am not having any trouble with the decreases for shaping, but I don't really get how to do the yarn-overs for button holes. I will need to stop by my LYS and get a little help before I can officially finish this project on my own. However, since this is only my second time knitting something other than a rectangle, I am pretty pleased with how it is turning out so far!

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Anonymous said...

Katie- This is great! Thank you so much. Taylor will love it and look soooo cute!
How did the sweater you were making when you visited turn out?