Friday, June 23, 2006

bumps in the road

I was hoping to be finished with Taylor's jumper by this point! I had big plans of knitting last night ... but the workout Tia and I did left me just exhausted (and starving!) so after dinner I turned on the Dodgers game and started knitting, but as soon as it was over (4-2 win over Seattle! yesss) I went to bed. I wanted to stay up later (it was only 10pm) and keep going ... but I can't really knit with my eyes closed, especially with the last bodice decreases I have left. So I figured I could make up the time on my lunch break, but I ran into this nice knot of yarn after only two rows!!I finally gave up after almost 20 minutes of trying to get loose of that knot. I left my scissors at home or else I would have just cut the yarn and started the next row like I would to add a new color. I'll have to do that at home tonight. Knitting was not on the agenda, but maybe I can fit it in between my cookie baking in my campaign to be the best wifey on Deputy Johnson's squad :) or maybe Marge won't mind if I knit in the car on our way to Bako tomorrow. I know once we get there it will be hard to knit after a margarita or two ... and I really need to finish this before my gauge class on Sunday afternoon if I want to get some help with the last step.

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