Wednesday, June 21, 2006

knitting to the dodgers

Wes, me, Margaret and Kyle at the Dodgers game last night

It takes just about 90 minutes to get from Ventura to Dodger Stadium (and we only hit a little bit of traffic!) so I got some good knitting in yesterday with Jimmy Eat World providing the soundtrack for Wes' driving and my needles. I doubled the length of the skirt from what I had before yesterday. I am more than halfway done with the skirt, and that is what takes the longest because it is the largest piece of knitting. Once I get to the top half of the jumper, it goes really quickly because the rows are so short ... the rest of this week is pretty busy, but I should be able to get it done if I use my free moments to keep plugging away! I would have made great progress if I would have knit on the way home from the game as well, but it was pretty dark and I was pretty sleepy!!
The Mariners smoked the Dodgers 9-4, but we were sitting way up top and had Dodger Dogs and beers and ice cream malts to distract us. Plus Marge and I spent more time talking about her new job and new house (in Camarillo! yay!) than watching the game anyway ... typical girls!

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