Monday, January 08, 2007

a weekend of excess and recovery

have you ever had one of those weekends that on Sunday night you wish you had another weekend right away to recover from the one that just ended? This is how I felt last night!
Friday I left work at noon and met up with all the girls to drive south for Shannon's bachelorette party!! It was fairly tame by bachelorette standards (champagne and presents, dinner and margaritas, comedy club with two drink minimum and bar with a mechanical bull!) but I was so happy when I got home on Saturday afternoon and Wes was watching football playoffs and in a let's-make-boboli-and-rent-a-movie-tonight mood. Once I poured myself a giant glass of water I sat down and cast on the left front of my cabled hoodie! I was soo excited to be working on this project again - I can not wait until it is finished!! I made decent progress on the bottom ribbing before it was time for dinner and a trip to Blockbuster and put the knitting away for the rest of the night.
Sunday morning I woke up to complete my last long run before the half-marathon next weekend. Tia and I certainly weren't prepared to run 11 miles on Saturday! It always takes me a few hours to feel like myself again after a run of that distance. I am a little nauseous, but know I need to eat to replenish my energy; I am exhausted, but don't want to sit for too long and cramp up. Also, Wes had a soccer game at two and then would be leaving for work so I wanted to spend time with him too! So we hung out got some lunch before his game, then I did some housework and made Wes dinner to take with him to work. By the time I finished being responsible Wes was back from his game and leaving for work. Once he left I made myself some dinner and sat down to knit knit knit! I got three of the seven pattern repeats before the arm shaping finished in between more cooking and cleaning. This pattern goes quickly, especially on the front portions because all the cables go the same direction on each side. I dont' have to check the chart to remember to hold in front or back every time. I would love to have both fronts finished by the time I go to bed Tuesday night (Wes works tonight and Tuesday and running is light this week to rest up for the big race!) but I don't know if I want my first attempt at sleeves to happen on the airplane and in Phoenix far away from Anacapa Fine Yarns and the infinite wisdom I can get there. I might need to scrape up a little airplane-appropriate project while at AFY tonight.

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