Tuesday, January 02, 2007

week-late Christmas: Cleo

had a good night for finishing up projects yesterday while Wes was at work and I needed to just chill after a crazy New Year's Eve. I had hoped to finish this before Saturday afternoon when Amanda (recipient of this gift!) arrived at my apartment, but ran out of time between work and lots of running last week. I had the bag knitted and felted way back in September, but just bought snaps for closure and the fabric for lining last week. Had I forgotten about the lining I could have given this to Amanda on Saturday, but I bought the fabric for the lining specifically for her, so wanted to be sure and include it. I had wanted to embroider the lining for this bag as I did for Sushi, but couldn't find anything at Sublime Stitching that screamed "AMANDA" ... but when I found this chili pepper fabric I thought of her immediately. I think it turned out really cute and I love all the bright colors. This is going in the mail today - hopefully to arrive before Shannon's bachelorette on Friday! I have another skein of Cascade 220 in this same great color so might make myself one too (get in line!).


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