Tuesday, January 23, 2007

in the zone

had another busy weekend without too much knitting time ... Shannon and Robert got married on Sunday and on Saturday I had lunch and shopping dates :) but when I got home Wes wasn't feeling good so we kind of vegged out in front of NFL playoffs and I cast on the right front of the brown hoodie. I am through the ribbing and have completed a couple of cable repeats.
Last night Wes was at work and I was beat ... it felt like the end of a long week, but it was only Monday! so I was more than happy to catch up with some TiVo and knit my butt off on the piggle hat. I've finished up to where I need to place the holes for the pig-tails to stick through. After that it's four more rounds in pattern, then each row following is a decrease row, so I should be able to finish this tonight. I am making it for Margaret who is headed back to the mountains this weekend and hope to gift it when I see her on Thursday. Probably wont' have much knitting time tomorrow ... we'll be watching the NHL All-Star game over TV dinner, then meeting with our Realtor to make an offer on a house!! eek!!

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