Friday, January 05, 2007

last giftie!!

This week has been a little bit of a frenzy to get this Cleo Clutch finished by today (Friday) since it's Shannon's bachelorette party tonight. I wanted to make her this because at my wedding I didn't have a little bag to carry my camera or lipgloss and gum or even the money from the money dance (yehaw!). Also, I know their wedding bands are going to have the Celtic braids on them and this bag has a similar cable pattern. I embroidered the inside lining with the R&S monogram that is on their invitation stationary. The colors are bright and NOT bridal white because Shannon is not a plain white kind of girl. Her wedding colors are red, purple, green and yellow! Tia suggested the purple for the bag and I think it turned out really nice. I felted this one a little less time than the blue Cleo so the bag is a little larger, but also the cabling stands out more.
This was my last gift-item of the Christmas season and now I can finally get back to my brown hoodie! Saturday night I will need to recover from the bachelorette party to complete my last 11-miler before the half next weekend, so probably will cast on the front then. Hopefully I will finish the hoodie in time to wear it before it gets too warm again.

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