Monday, January 15, 2007

running in Antarctica Arizona

a few months ago I told Wes that someday I wanted to run in Antarctica after reading an article about the races offered there in a recent issue of Runner's World. He laughed at my ambition and I got pissed because I feel that a husband should be supportive of his wife in all her goals, no matter how crazy (usually he is very good at this. he has repeatedly let me buy a new houseplant after I kill the previous one in less than a month). but for the past week, the entire southwest has been in a cold snap and after standing on the start line at the Rock 'N Roll Arizona half-marathon yesterday in 29-degree weather (first grade science class reminder: water freezes at 32 degrees), I decided that maybe I don't need to run in a place where the average temperature is 34 (even though yesterday's low was only 35! six whole degrees warmer than it was in Phoenix). Especially with no fringe benefits. Anyway, despite the cold yesterday I was able to run a good race and beat my goal time of two hours and set a new PR for that distance (previous best 2:15). It was great to cross that finish line knowing I had achieved a goal and that I worked so hard to get it. I felt good for the first ten miles and then started hurting (my knees still ache today, but muscles aren't too sore) but kept an eye on the clocks at each mile marker to keep pace and finish in 1:52:41.

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