Tuesday, January 16, 2007

learning lace and how to crochet

this weekend, in addition to running in the freezing cold, I learned a new skill and started a new project. On Thursday evening I stayed with Grandma and I had asked if she would teach me how to crochet. I am not sure I am really ready to take on a new skill set, but I have seen some really cute crochet patterns lately and some knitting patterns also require crochet for finishing and edging so I figured it wouldn't hurt to know a little about it. It was much harder than I expected and after an hour I had little to show for my efforts. I did learn the chain stitch and single crochet (as evidenced in this picture to the left), but I am far from starting any big projects. I will keep practicing and ask Grandma for more tutorials when I am down south, but this is not an immediate skill that I want to be proficient in right away. It is fun to learn something new though!
I was very happy to start a new knitting project on Friday morning sitting at the airport. I cast on 120 stitches on to size 4 dpns (the pattern called for size 2! but I am knitting this for a grown-up, not a child, and I know my stitches are a little tight anyway so figured 4 would be okay. Plus I could not bring myself to purchase size 2 needles. way too tedious!) and got most of the ribbing done before I got on the plane. I didn't have too much time to knit while I was in Arizona, but got a couple of the lace pattern repeats finished by the time I got off the plane again in California on Sunday. I am enjoying this lace pattern though and I think it is of similar difficulty to the stitch pattern on the lacy wrap I bought yarn for a year ago and haven't been brave enough to cast on for yet. Once this hat is successfully finished, I think I will have the confidence to cast on for that wrap.

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