Tuesday, November 03, 2009

unexpected find

spent a little time at Michael's this afternoon to pick up supplies for some homemade Christmas presents and while wandering the aisles, I stumbled across a light box! I was so so so excited because I have been wanting to get a light box for a long time, but never thought to look at Michael's. I figured I would need to go to a photo supply shop, and those are rare around here.

But this light box will make it so much easier to complete embroidery projects. Previously I'd just hold the pattern and fabric up to a window, but it's hard to keep everything aligned when it's vertical. I am so excited about this light box that I am going to spend the rest of Leila's naptime this afternoon embroidering! But first I have to share with you my favorite unexpected find from yesterday ...  it's in the top right corner of the picture above, but it's hard to see ... here's a better picture, but really you should go and get some of these yourself because the picture does not to justice the deliciousness of these little chocolatey/pepperminty/salty bites. I predict that I will not be hungry for dinner due to an overdose of pretzel perfection, but it will be so worth it!

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