Saturday, November 21, 2009

Dream Craft Kit

I finished my Dream Craft Kit for Mom's preschool auction (this was also one of the projects from the RVA Autumn class). I am so thrilled with how it turned out! here are some pictures: 

I found this train case on etsy. This is the "before" picture and you can see it is in relatively good condition. All I've done so far is painted the inside edges white so that the blue doesn't show through the fabric.

Here it is finished and full! I wish I had taken more pictures of the process of recovering the interior of the case. Let's just say that with a sewing machine and hot glue gun, I can do anything!!

For the inside of the lid, I made a small pocket to hold a needle book I made out of felt and cardboard from a funky-colored soda box. I also sewed in pen pockets and included a disappearing ink pen for embroidery and a crochet hook. The felt heart is just for cuteness and to draw out the blue of the rick-rack edging on the pockets.

Inside the case I included three colors of yarn, two tea towels and a canvas bag to be embroidered (along with a copy of elsie's neverland patterns and directions to visit to buy more cute patterns), an embroidery hoop and floss (wrapped individually on bobbins made from the same funky-colored soda box as the needle book and tied with cute ribbon), squares of felt (possibly my new favorite crafting material), buttons in a handmade pouch, three homemade journals (also a separate project from the RVA class), scissors (also in a felt pouch so no one gets poked), Mod Podge and a sponge brush.

The outside of the case I left pretty much alone except for adding this adorable vinyl sticker from the RVA shop. I bought a ton more and if this was for me to keep I would have decked this thing out with stickers, but since I don't know who will ultimately receive this case after the auction, I left it simple but did include a camera sticker inside the kit.

That's it! I was sad to hand this over to Mom, but so happy to know that it's going to a good cause! I hope whoever wins this auction is in for some fun times with all the goodies I packed away.

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