Saturday, October 17, 2009

planning for next week

It's Saturday afternoon and I am busy making a menu for next week's dinners (carne asada from TJ's on Monday, egg mcmuffins on Tuesday, tuna and white bean salad for lunches!) so I can go to the grocery store. Planning the meals also requires me to look at our activities for next week and it looks like if both the NLCS and ALCS go 7 games, we'll have baseball every night this week!! yay!
So I realized that with all this baseball watching, I might have some time to do some crafty goodness in the evenings too ... here is my current "to make" list:

Arm Warmers: I haven't knitted in a long long time, and this is a good new (fast!) project to reintroduce myself to my needles and also clear out some of my yarn stash ... (photo credit: holly at RVA)

Guest room pillow: I have decided to do an Alice in Wonderland themed guest room and I really want to make a cute throw pillow for the bed covered in felt flowers like this one. (photo credit from idotakeu on etsy) This project will be more challenging than the arm warmers because I don't have a pattern for it ... I'll have to eyeball the flowers and figure out some way to attach them to fabric before (or after?) sewing said fabric into a pocket for stuffing to make a pillow ... I don't know yet.

Embroidered Totes: I am also so so so far behind on all the cute projects from the RVA Autumn class, but one of the projects I am most excited about is to make cute (reusable) totes, embroidered with autumn-themed patterns ... I saw new totes at Michael's that would work just fine, but in keeping with the "reusable" theme, I really want to check out a few thrift stores to find some totes that I can clean up and add cuteness to. Haven't had time to do that kind of shopping yet ... but maybe soon! (photo credit: elsie flannigan)

So, it's unlikely that I'll get even one of those projects done in the next week, but it's always fun to dream! It's about time to start thinking about Christmas projects too ... maybe next week!

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