Saturday, October 31, 2009

alone on halloween

Leila is asleep, Wes is at work, the trick-or-treaters have stopped ... I'm sitting here watching Game 3 of the World Series (mad I forgot to turn it on earlier because I heard the cast of Glee sang the National Anthem) with a mug of hot apple cider (let it simmer on my stove top all evening while I handed out candy) and some funfetti cookies debating what project to get started on with a whole night ahead of me!

Last night I started on an embroidery project that will be a Christmas gift, so I could continue that project, but it's a continuing repeat of the same pattern over and over. Yesterday I did six repeats and I'm feeling the need for a break before I finish it.

I need to make Leila a Christmas stocking to hang with the two I made for Wes and myself for our first Christmas together, but that would involve going into a room with no lights (on Halloween, eek!) to dig through lots of yarn before I can start.

For a new swap I need to create two Alice In Wonderland-themed ATCs. I have my design in mind, it's just a matter of putting it together.

My mom is on the board of a preschool and I promised to put something together for their silent auction next month. My plan is to create a dream craft kit (one of the projects from RVA Autumn class) but I need a carrying case to really get started on this, so I could troll etsy for something vintage.

But to be perfectly honest, all I want to do is read through this stack of cookbooks I got at the library this afternoon :) The baseball game's almost over ... I know what I'm going to do once the last out is made!

p.s. Happy Halloween!

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