Wednesday, April 25, 2007

what to do with a little leftover yarn?

I presented Grandma's bittersweet socks to her on Saturday at brunch. They turned out really cute and I think I need to get more of that color to make myself a pair too ... but it's getting warm again and knitting socks isn't really a priority. HOWEVER, my attention span for knitting has been short lately as there are still boxes all over my new apartment and work has been slightly hellacious too. I was trying to decide what to do with this little bit of yarn that was left over from Grandma's socks and while reading the latest posts on pieknits, got some inspiration! it's always nice to find a pattern that I don't have to buy any supplies for, even if I don't have a reason to make it ... don't worry, this isn't my way of breaking any big news :)

changing the subject quickly! I was in town to have brunch with Grandma on Saturday because Tia and I ran in the Great American Adventure Race on Saturday a.m. It was on the westside of Central Park (with Edwards Hill!) and was sooo fun to run there again! my last race on that course was Cross-Country League Finals senior year of high school, almost 10 years ago! (omg, 10 years?!?!?!) anyway, I think being back on that course brought back some competitive juices and we ran pretty hard, but it yielded in second and third place finishes for our age group. We were in the top 25% overall ... my time for the 4.8 mile course was 39:06 ... pretty good for all the hills too! Next race is the half-marathon in Santa Ynez! Hope we're ready for it ... training for this one hasn't been as deliberate as the Rock 'N Roll in January. I would love to PR again, but with the hilly course and less miles under my belt this time, I am not too optimistic.

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