Friday, April 20, 2007

April Showers

a rainy day today - the hardest rain all year, I think. All week I have been wishing spring on with cute springy outfits and today I am back to jeans and socks and a coat. sooo, to make myself feel better :) I'm going to review the things I am most excited about in the warmer weather months:

Wedge sandals are work and weekend appropriate so I really get my money's worth out of them. also, it is so much more comfortable to wear wedge heels over pumps, especially at the height of race training ...

... speaking of race training, Tia and I are gearing up for another half-marathon next month. This one we'll actually get to run together! After this race, we'll need to find another event to keep us motivated to keep running! Tia's getting married in September and I have a couple of vacations coming up ...
... to Las Vegas in June (temps in the 100s?) and Colorado in September (to celebrate our two-year anniversary!). both trips will be close to week and I can't wait! other than a couple long weekends here and there, Wes and I haven't been on a real vacation since the honeymoon!I already have a new dress picked out that I'd like to wear in Vegas,

but I'm hoping it will go on sale before then!

more stuff I like about this time of year: wearing shorts to work (when it's not raining, of course), baseball season!, NHL PLAYOFFS (gooooooo Ducks), swimming - so good for back and shoulders and a nice way to balance out my runners legs, knitting fun things like Sahara and mom's shawl (if I can ever find the time), currently Wes is on day shift and I like seeing him every night - even if that isn't a usual "spring thing"

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