Thursday, February 01, 2007

need some help navigating SAHARA

I know I still have a ton of work to do on my brown hoodie, but I can't help getting excited about a new project (the fact that there is a an-anti Super Bowl event at AFY this Sunday with a card sale up to 50% off doesn't help either). I have already decided that my next project for myself will be SAHARA, designed by Wendy Bernard. I am very excited to make one of Wendy's patterns. I read her blog regularly and have been dying to try one of her patterns from The Garter Belt for months now (specifically sizzle and fad classic, can you tell I'm getting anxious for warmer weather too?). My problem is I don't know what color to make my new Sahara top. I have decided on the sleeveless and think the white that the sample is knit in looks great. I also thought about black, since the beading on the trim makes it seem like a fancy-pants top, but if I used black, the stitches wouldn't show up very clearly and if I am going to spend hours making all those little stitches, I want them to show! Also, I have been in a neutral clothing rut lately and can't seem to see past the whites, blacks, browns and navys. Please help! Check out these colors and let me know what you think would look best. The accent yarns for neck, sleeve and bottom edging will probably come from one of these, depending on how much this yarn costs (of course they don't put that on the website) and how high a card I pull on Sunday.

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