Monday, February 12, 2007

birthday and more!

Thursday evening I found myself in Thousand Oaks with a couple hours to kill, so I headed over to The Oaks to buy myself a birthday present at Anthroplogie. I put on blinders through the front of the store and headed straight to the sale in the back where I and noticed an abundance of knitted headbands. I thought they were cute, but not $30 cute, especially when I have enough yarn leftover from a $7 ball to make four headbands. so I left the store with only a dress and an idea and headed home to finish the pink hat. It turned out great and I hope Margie will love it! I tried it on to make sure there were no bar mitzvahs in there and decided I might need to make one for myself too! I'll make mine with the earflaps (but without the kitty ears, thank you very much) and Wes even tried it on and liked the shape of it on his head too. (he might get two knitted items in a row - I start my sock class this weekend - after all these years of no knitted love. I am sure he's crushed.)
I wanted to give Marge her hat on Saturday when she came over for the birthday shin-dig, but of course forgot, so a picture of that will have to come later. but I had a great birthday weekend ... Friday night Wes took me out to a delicious three-course dinner and we enjoyed the new comedy club in the Harbor. And on Saturday all the girls came over for some wine and fun. (picture to the right is of Marge, Stine and me at Lady Foot Locker fulfilling two of the mall-scavenger hunt requirements: a hat and a green handbag). Sunday things went back to normal and Wes headed to work the night shift, I sat down in front of The Sound of Music (thank you Luke and Kristen!) and cast on for my very own knitted headband. I used the leftover yarn from piggle, used the same needle size (4 dpn) and planned to use the same stitch pattern. I measured around my head where I would be wearing the headband and got 21 inches, I then stretched out my completed piggle that was wide enough, just not long enough and measured. I figured the same cast on would work for a headband as it did for the hat. I cast on 120 stiches on size 4 needles and knit two rows of 1x1 rib before starting in on the four-row lace pattern. I thought that knitting a two-inch wide band would take me an hour, two at most, and I would be done long before the VonTrapp Family climbed every mountain to Switzerland. those of you who are familiar with lace-weight yarn and size 4 dpns can stop laughing now, please! it was another late night of knitting, but at least I saved myself $30 even if I am going to pass out on the run tonight.

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