Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Katie & TupperWave

so that post title isn't as charming or alliterate as "Julie & Julia"but that is how I am feeling right now. I just finished reading J&J last week and just as Julie cooked her way through "Mastering the Art of French Cooking," I am cooking my way through the TupperWave microwave cooker recipes. Ok, so maybe it's not just as Julie & Julia, but so far we are 3-for-3 in delicious microwave meals! whoo! 

A few nights ago I made rice and beans in the cooker using Tupperware's Southwest Chipotle Seasoning Blend to accompany my (not Tupperware) skillet fajitas and oh gosh it was delicious. that seasoning blend is super spicy though - I need to make a note and recommend at parties to start out with half the recommended amount. or maybe I'm just a wuss! 

Last night we had a steak, cheese and prosciutto omelet and also banana bread baked simultaneously in the TupperWave. to pour over the bread, I sautéed canned pineapple rings in a sauce made with Tupperware's Cinnamon-Vanilla Seasoning Blend and that was another knock-out-of-the-park meal! yum! there was even enough leftovers for breakfast this morning which was a nice change from cold cereal and milk. I really loved how the eggs turned out in the TupperWave cooker because I hate runny eggs so I often end up over cooking them and getting some of that icky brown crust on the bottom. but last night's eggs were fluffy and firm, not runny and not at all rubbery or weird. 

Tonight I was a little nervous because I have never cooked chicken in the microwave before. I've heated up leftovers lots of times, but never cooked from raw. I crusted the chicken with Italian breadcrumbs and some other seasonings and also cooked orzo pasta with chicken broth. When it was done cooking, I tossed the pasta with come grated parmesan (not the powdered stuff) and wow, was it all good!! the chicken was cooked all the way through and so juicy! and pasta+parm is pretty much the best thing ever in my opinion so it's hard to screw that up. the only thing I missed from oven baking the chicken was that good crunchy crust, but the overall flavor and the juiciness of the meat definitely made up for it. also, not having to turn on my oven late in the afternoon in the middle of summer is a real bonus!! 

with my most recent party, I ordered the colander insert for the TupperWave which will make it even easier to get a complete meal done all at once in less than 30 minutes because I'll be able to steam veggies! that order is in transit now and I can't wait!! 

so, in case you haven't guessed yet, YES, I am a Tupperware consultant and please forgive the sales pitch, but I would love to make all your Tupperware dreams come true! Parties are still the #1 way to order products and I travel most anywhere in central and southern California. Online ordering is also available and we even have gift registries and e-gift certificates! Check it out!!


Laurie at Defined by Love said...

I'm looking forward to our tupperware tea party! Your blog is cute!

Kristina said...

Good luck!
BTW I love that your signature is ramblings by Katie, clever!