Saturday, July 31, 2010

fun at Renegade

rather than fight traffic and search aimlessly for parking, we took the train to Union Station! 

then we only had to walk a few blocks to get to the park and all the fun goodness.

for a while we all stuck together, but there was so much to see and everyone had different interests so we spread out after a short time.

but we came together for fun tutorials, like this one at Sew LA's booth. we all made reusable fabric coffee cozies. Ashley used a sewing machine for the first time! (Kristen and I are in the background putting the final, finishing touches on our cozies.)

another favorite tutorial was these cute feathered hairpieces. on the return train trip, Michaela and I had fun pretending to be Indians! 

we thought we should be serious for this one, but it was too silly.

Kristen and I each think that we have the best husband in the world - I know that I do, but sometimes I let Kristen think she's winning :) 


Kristina said...

So fun! Good to see you enjoy a girls outing. Fun idea to take the train!

Ben and Melissa said...

you are hilarious! You have been blogging since 2006 and failed to ever mention it in our friendship thus far! Maddie and are enjoying looking at "lil Leila" right now!