Saturday, June 12, 2010


we had a party today for the US vs. England World Cup game and of course, Leila needed something appropriate to wear! due to all the recent remodeling, my sewing machine isn't available for use yet so I had to get creative with what was easily available. 
I started with this Angels dress ... and a little felt and some embroidery floss later ... 
we're ready for game time!!! (let's say that the A on the skirt is for America and ignore the fact that I was not about to attempt an embroidered soccer ball pattern on a circle of felt.)

here's Wes in his "vintage" '94 jersey celebrating after the US tied it up in the 40th minute

it was so fun to welcome friends to our updated home! lots of people dressed in patriotic colors (the Pelascini girls even showed up with face glitter and star stickers) and there was plenty of yummy food to go around. in fact, I have a fridge full of shepherd's pie, watermelon, lemonade and apple pie if anyone wants to come over and help polish it off :) 

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