Wednesday, June 09, 2010


as of a quarter-to-nine last night, Wes and I are now the proud owners of a fully functional kitchen once again! 

just a few little projects to officially be DONE - install the hood (tomorrow), put up another row of shelves (maybe this weekend?), get a new microwave (far down on the priority list right now) and decide what to do about a backsplash. but the important thing is, the oven cooks, the sink and dishwasher clean and my number one project for today is to figure out what I'll be cooking Wes for our first home-cooked dinner in over a month! 

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Sara said...

Hello RVA summer camper! I'm in your class! Your blog is so warm and inviting, I'm looking forward to rummaging through it some!

Also, your kitchen is beautiful! I adore the color!