Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Taylor, part 2

Wes and I took a little road trip to AZ last weekend. I was so excited about all that time in the car for some knitting, I started a new project for Miss Taylor. The adorable Girl's Skinny Tank by Wendy Bernard from Blue Sky Alpaca. I thought I could finish it all in the car on the way out there, ha ha ha ... forgot about how long it takes me to cast on (hours, apparently) and dinner breaks (greasy fingers aren't good for knitting) and the inevitable darkness that comes when you drive from LA to Arizona and don't leave LA until after 4pm. But I got a good start and made really good progress on the way home (actually stopping for dinner and being able to wash my hands after makes all the difference!) and now I am just about finished on this cute thing. It does call for an i-cord bind off which I haven't ever done before, so I am excited about the chance to learn something new!
Also, as a bonus, I am making the tank in navy blue, which I bought new, but for the stripes I am using the leftover sky blue and magenta from Taylor's jumper! so cute!!

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