Monday, September 08, 2008


been spending more time embroidering than knitting recently ... shown here is a towel I stitched using "Krazy Kitchen" from sublime stitching, which has been my favorite place to find embroidery patterns for a long time. However, I recently discovered elsiecake on etsy, and might have a new favorite!! I am currently working on a neverland-themed towel and plan to use the same patterns on some items for soon-to-be-here baby Lola Pearl Murphy!! I also recently purchased alice in wonderland-themed patterns and can't wait to get to work on those!! thanks to Monday Night Football, I have a feeling I'll be doing a lot more crafting/knitting/embroidering now, and I'm so excited!!! :)
so anyway, about this kitchen towel: the two spoons are on opposite corners on one side and along the opposite edge is a row of all the other kitchen appliances ... there were too many to show in one long picture. but i think it turned out really cute and I am so proud of the french knots on the stand mixer!! a new first for me!! after embroidering so much for other people, I am glad to have some embroidery that I can use in my own kitchen! after I finish the neverland towel, I will get back to work on presents for others, but I have to admit I am enjoying this little bit of selfishness ...

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Anonymous said...

These turned out great! You should totally submit them to the Sublime Stitching Gallery.