Wednesday, November 17, 2010

welcome autumn

I don't really care for the spooky Halloween decorations, but I love autumn! Our new house doesn't have a ton of room for knick-nacks and accessories, but I've put up a couple of things with a fall leaf theme: 

Kristen and I made cute leaf garlands out of felt and embroidery floss a few months ago. They're based on something we saw on elsie's blog ... she never posted an official tutorial so we just winged it. 

Our picture wall is mostly rectangle and square frames so I wanted to make a fun wreath to compliment the clock at the other end of the wall. This was super easy to make with strips of fabric and a wreath frame. I made it in a naptime and still had time to eat lunch and do laundry. I love that it's totally autumn with the orange and the leaves, but since I have splashes of orange throughout our living room, I could keep it up year-round. But I think I'll definitely make a new one with Christmas fabric next month to swap out for a little while :)

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