Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving Treats

I got to bring dessert to Thanksgiving dinner at my aunt's house this weekend. First I made this yummy yummy pumpkin crunch cheesecake. The recipe came from the same place as the spider cookies (a Betty Crocker mini-mag that I picked up at the grocery store before Halloween and is proving to be a great purchase!). 

My favorite part of this dessert is the pecan topping. I don't usually like pecan pie but this topping was just enough sweet, maple-y, crunchy perfection. The cheesecake flavor wasn't too pronounced so I think next year I'll buy a store bought pie and make the same topping to add at the last minute. Same flavor - a lot less dishes and time! 

As yummy as this pie was, not everyone in my family (ahem, Wes) is a fan of cheesecake or pumpkin! So, I also made these special little treats. 

This recipe came from the Rice Krispies website and boy are they ugly! I said that to Wes after I had assembled a couple and he reminded me that real turkeys aren't that good looking either but they sure are delicious!

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