Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Visiting GreatGrandpas

this weekend we strapped Leila in the car for a road trip to Oregon! she was quite the trooper for seven hours in the car on Thursday and Friday and a long 14 hours on Sunday. Three days of driving for one day of visiting isn't the best ratio but between Wes' work and our big kitchen project, that's the best we could manage this year.

Friday morning we had breakfast with Wes' Grandpa Jim and his wife, Mary Lyn before heading to Redwood Country and back to the 101 for the final push into Brookings, OR.

Grandpa has a large piece of property in back of his house with tons of animals that roam in the hills. He puts out deer feed every morning and it was enchanting to watch them emerge out of the trees to eat breakfast.

Since it was raining pretty hard on Saturday, after feeding the animals we just hung out inside most of the day. Leila enjoyed exploring a new house and even pulled herself up to standing for the first time! She didn't get totally upright, but this is the first time she's gotten her legs under her on her own, so that was exciting for all of us to see.

Later she celebrated her accomplishments by blowing raspberries with Uncle Luke.

Sunday morning we got up early and said goodbye.

Four generations!

Leila in the car - five hours down, just nine to go. She did great until Santa Barbara. By then it was way past her bedtime and even though we put her in pajamas and she nodded off, the headlights of cars behind us kept waking her up and mostly she was just so sick of the car! Thankfully from SB it's less than an hour to home. She is so happy to be in her own house (even though it's noisy and confusing with all the workers here today) that all morning she has been crawling back and forth looking at her toys and books and jabbering to herself cheerfully.

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