Saturday, May 29, 2010


I collect cookbooks. I love them. I love bright pictures of beautiful food. I love to read about new techniques and cooking methods and flavors to try. I love to sit down with a pile of cookbooks each Saturday afternoon and plan out my menu for the week ahead (of course trying to overlap ingredients as often as possible to save money on the grocery bill, but still have unique and interesting meals each night). This is my cookbook collection as it looks right now ... stacked up in our guestroom, far away from its home in the kitchen. Dad and Wes built me a shelf to house my cookbooks in another week or so when this chaos is behind us. I hope it's strong enough to hold them all!

What do you collect?

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cordeliasgreenplace said...

Purses! I have far too many, mostly vintage finds from Etsy. My purse habit is sometimes difficult to support, but I manage.