Monday, June 02, 2008

Distractions and Progress

it's been a long month without knitting around here ... first I was distracted by crochet ... then a trip that despite being a passenger on train, plane and car (the latter for over 24 hours of awake time), produced no stitches ... then this weekend Wes and I got a Wii!! however, tonight in front of TRIPLE overtime in the Stanley Cup Playoffs (go Pens!) I pulled out the Flutter-Sleeve Cardigan and got to work.
I haven't been able to figure out what went wrong on the back ... if it was my misinterpreting the pattern as I tried to make short-row shoulders, or if I just miscounted the rows, but I threaded in a lifeline and started ripping out the last few inches and of course, didn't thread very evenly so this frogging will take more work than I thought.
Instead of getting discouraged, I just left the back on the lifeline and cast on for the first front half!! so far so good there :) I'm going to try and solve the back problem before I get to the shoulders on the front so I can decide to try short-rows, or just bind off as the pattern suggests, but no thinking tonight ... I'm writing now in the intermission between 2OT and 3OT and the game is back on!!

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