Monday, December 31, 2007

a month later

The day of my last post was my last day of work ... it's been almost a month but between the trip to DC and all the Christmas excitment I haven't really noticed until now. Today is the first day I am a little bored being at home and I've even gotten the apartment the most organized it's been since we moved in eight months ago.
So, I am ready to get into some good knitting and take advantage of this time off. I have to finish the Hawaii socks and then I would love to finish up the brown hoodie already.
P.S. the picture is Wes and I in DC both wearing headgear knit by me :) Wes in his celtic beanie and me in Calorimetry! The National Archives are behind us (where all the official documents of our country are stored - the Declaration, Constitution, etc).

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Dani said...

Hi Katie, My name's Dani and I live in England. I'm going to knit the Celtic Beanie (awaiting the yarn!) but wanting to prepare I decided to try and read the pattern. I was lucky enough to attend a workshop with Debbie Stoller on the Argyle scarf last month where she taught us the basics, but I'm stuck already! I had a look around the internet and came across your blog. You've done such a wonderful job on your beanie, I just wondered if you would mind answering some queries on the pattern? My gmail address is
Kind Regards