Monday, October 01, 2007

want some socks?

went to the first of two Saturday classes this week to learn how to knit socks from the toe up, as opposed to the traditional cuff-down style. The pattern we are using is totally customizable for each individual person, so if you want me to make you a pair of socks, measure the length of your foot (stand on a tape measure and note how far it is from your longest toe to where your heel hits the ground) and around the widest part of your foot (where your foot connects to your leg) in centimeters. The measurements should be fairly close (mine are two cm off, which is more than usual. a lot of ladies in my class had the same measurements for each part of the foot). Don't forget to pick a color and send me your request :)

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Nunnie's Attic said...

I noticed in your profile that you like to knit AND you like Dierks Bentley. Well I'm just about to take my first knitting class this Thurs and Dierks is the number one song on my blog for the time being. I read through your postings and you are very talented. Glad to meet you!