Tuesday, August 07, 2007

some enchanted shawling

well ... despite my not knitting on the shawl for 2.5 hours a day, I still thought I was getting pretty darn close to finishing it up in time for the Hollywood Bowl on Sunday. On Thursday I thought I was on my last ball of yarn and knitting like crazy on Friday too. Then Saturday morning I found two more balls of yarn! So, I guess I still have a ways to go, but it's okay. The shawl was going to be a little short if that really had been my last ball and I would have had to blocked it to shape which I haven't done before and don't know where I would block something that is supposed to be 70 inches long anyway. So, hopefully after these two last balls are added on, I won't have to block at all. but once I found them, I didn't have much time to use them up! Saturday night was a GOLD Night at Sharkeez in SB and also Fiesta! I drove up with Tia, Amanda and Marge to revel in the drunkeness (yay for being the DD ... it is so fun to chat with people who are drunk and happy!).
Then Sunday got up and made cookies to take to the Bowl for Grandma's birthday outing. I was really excited to go because I'd never been to the Hollywood Bowl before, but I just loved it! The show was South Pacific, which I didn't know much about either, but I liked the story line. Wes enjoyed it too, but we decided we are anxious to go back when there is something a little more to our tastes there. But Reba McEntire had the lead on Sunday, so it was cool to see her in person too. I've never seen her in concert. (click on the picture to see all five of us!) Mom wore her old shawl and I know she is anxious for the new one! Especially if we keep going on fun outings like to the Hollywood Bowl .. or Irvine Meadows, as Dad prefers ...

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