Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas aftermath

even though we had a four-day weekend, hosting 10 for Christmas dinner didn't leave me much time for knitting and sewing on my remaining three gifts (all clutches, two Cleo and one "Sushi") that need to be finished by New Year's Eve (blue Cleo and Sushi) and the weekend following (purple Cleo). I did get a little work done on the Sushi last night after a hard interval workout (5x1600! we are tough girls!!) and dinner with Wes at work ... I am still not sure how to do lining on these clutches and tonight is dinner in SCV with all the Johnsons again + Grandpa Jim and MaryLyn, so I won't be able to prep for a lunch-time AFY run tomorrow. Wes will be working Saturday night, so I guess I will plan to run over there after Tia and I finish 11 miles and get help with one so I can do the other two and have them ready to gift on New Year's Eve Sunday night. wow ... even with Christmas over things are still too busy!
Christmas was wonderful though - Wes and I had a good celebration on Saturday night and were both real happy with our gifts, I think. I know I am (new video iPod and stereo to play it on + cookbooks, Benefit makeup samples and candy galore!) and the look on Wes' face when he opened his hard-to-find present made it all worth it too! Cash is King - thanks to Wes' family - and will be spent on a Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker and a new dress (or this one?)! Mom and Dad also got me, among other thoughtful gifts, a great book that I admit took away from my working more on Sushi last night ... my fingers hurt and it is much easier to read about knitting in bed, than to actually knit in bed.

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