Monday, November 06, 2006

I run so I can knit

sooo ... yesterday Tia and I ran a grueling eight miles. Part of the problem was that we went a little later than usual - Wes got to go into work later than usual so we had the opportunity to attend church together, a rarity on his current schedule, so I didn't want to pass that up. So Tia and I didn't' start our run until closer to 10 (when we're usually finishing) and it has been really hot the last few days. but, we finished strong and are looking forward to possibly running in Sycamore Canyon this weekend for something different and a little more challenging than running along the beach path. Anyway, the nice thing about getting up and running eight miles, is that I don't feel guilty about sitting around for a lot of the day knitting. On Saturday while Wes was watching football, I made good progress on SG#4 until I held it out and realized I didn't really like the intricate pattern on one side of it. So I pulled out the needles and sort of re-wrote the pattern to my liking. When I sat down on Sunday to follow my own pattern, I didn't plan exactly right, so now my own pattern isn't making me too happy either. I almost gave up knitting for the rest of the day and went into the kitchen to do dishes (yes, that's how frustrated I was ... I was almost cleaning). But instead I realized that I would have the whole month of December to work on Christmas presents and would love to be able to display homemade Christmas stockings for more than just Christmas Eve. So I pulled out the pattern book and red, green, cream and grey yarn and cast on for my Christmas stocking. I didn't get too far along before I had to start dinner for Wes, but I have a good start. I am glad I practiced on the tiny stocking last week so i am confident in my fair isle skills now and know I will have no problem "turning the heel" on the larger stockings. Since we ran so hard yesterday and have another hard run (mile repeats) planned for tomorrow, Tia and I are taking today off. Wes will be out playing basketball so I have another Monday night ahead of me for knitting ... but maybe I'll do the dishes first ...

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